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<aside> 🌟 I'm passionate about building technology that prioritizes human well-being and promotes human flourishing.


Hello there! Thank you for being here 🙏 I'm Susi, designer born and raised in Italy but I consider myself a world citizen. In the last years I had the opportunity to explore different cultures, places and people thanks to volunteer opportunities in Europe. My passion for digital design led me to pursue a degree in New Technologies of Art at the Academy of Fine Art in Venice. During those Academy years I’ve started my spiritual and personal growth path.

It’s when I started believing into the magic of human potential ✨

I graduated with a thesis on how and why choosing a more mindful design that supports psychological wellbeing and provides opportunity for human flourishing by enhancing factors such as compassion, mindful attention and gratitude (Positive Computing).

I'm captivated by the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, and design, and draw inspiration from ancient wisdom to create more meaningful technology. So if you're up for creating something significant, let's connect and make it happen!


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